New Years Resolution

So I have decided that my goal for this year will be to help 100 people move to Self Hosted WordPress. There seems to be a lot of people wanting to make this move in 2018 and helping with this is my goal. Can I actually help 100 people? I hope so, will I try as hard as I can? Yes!

Now comes the hard part, how do I let people know that I am here to help? I am basically going to tweet as much as I can and more than I did last year. read more

Start Blogging with WordPress

Thinking of Blogging?

Blogging is truly a great passion to have, a blog can be a place to share your opinions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences as well as learning new things and growing a community. WordPress is a great place to start your community.

Self Hosted vs

If you are new to blogging you might be confused by this. There are TWO versions of WordPress. which is an all in one option, it is the easiest option to go with. There are several plans to choose from, starting with a Free plan all the way to a premium plan. read more

Creating a Temporary WordPress Account

The Issue

Have you ever had someone ask you for your WordPress login to help troubleshoot an issue? I do it all the time. Sometimes that the only way to figure out what issues may be going on.

When I am asked for my login I usually get an uneasy feeling, come on your giving someone the keys to your house. Who wouldn’t be on edge about that. read more

The WordPress Reader

If you’re considering starting a website, most likely you will seek advice from people who already have gone through the process. I stick to offering help to users on Twitter, but Twitter isn’t the only source, dozens of forums and websites exist to help people with their WordPress journey.

Most people will recommend going self-hosted vs going with I am one who would also recommend a self-hosted website. One main reason is the customization you can do is very limited on also the price is a lot more compared to standard hosting. read more

Backup your site before making changes.

I had an issue recently with a client site where I had done an update to a very popular plugin and halfway through I started to get error messages. Ok, no big deal right? Wrong. I refreshed the page and bam ?? I got a white screen on the admin page. I thought oh no! ?.

What I did first.

I knew the white screen was caused by a plugin. So I went into the file manager, went into the content section and renamed the plugin in question. I then went back to the site crossed my fingers ? and hit F5 to refresh the page and….. Nothing still a white screen. read more